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Jewelry can be delicate, and with time, it can lose its shine and be prone to damage. Having a great cleanser on hand can make sure your jewelry retains its sparkle and dazzles anyone who sets their eyes on it. You can restore your jewelry and preserve its beauty.

Star Magic Solutions offers a wide range of jewelry cleansers available that can help you clean your favorite pieces at home. We offer multi-purpose jewelry cleaning sprays for diamond, pearl, stone, rubies, and other types of jewelry. You can also use our jewelry polishes to clean jewelry made of gold, silver, brass, copper, and other metals.

Learn Professional
Cleaning Tips

Mastering the basics of jewelry care can give new life to your favorite pieces. At Star Magic Solutions, we help our customers understand how to clean their jewelry as a professional would so they can save money and get incredible results without leaving the comfort of their homes.

From learning how to use the right jewelry cleansers to making sure you are not scrubbing your jewelry with the wrong brush, we can show you how to care for your jewelry in a professional way to make it last longer.

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Three Simple Steps to
Restoring Your Jewelry

Apply a small amount of the Star Magic Solutions polish to the jewelry and use a light polishing buff until you get the desired shine.
If your jewelry contains gems, then you can also spray the Star Magic multi-purpose gem cleaner.
3.Rinse and Dry

Once you have applied the jewelry spray and polish, you can rinse and dry the jewelry pieces and watch how they get restored to their original condition in seconds!

Why you should keep jewelry clean ?

Like everything else, your jewelry also needs to be maintained.
Soap, water, sanitizer, dirt, and other pollutants can dull your jewelry, making it look dingy and unimpressive. Cleaning your jewelry regularly can make sure it looks its best. Jewelry, like engagement rings, hold sentimental value, and knowing how to protect them from long-term damage is very important. Star Magic Solutions offers exceptional products that can make sure you enjoy your favorite jewelry for longer and keep it looking beautiful and functional.

Clean Your Jewelry The Star Magic Way

Do you want to buy reliable cleaning products? Star Magic Solutions can help. Explore our products today and enjoy the best sprays and polishes for your gold, diamond, pearl, stone, and silver jewelry at amazing prices!